Dear colleagues and students,

The annual fire drill for the Main Academic and Administration Building (including the LSK
campus and CYT Building) will be conducted at around 10:00 am on next Wednesday,
18 April 2018. All Unit Heads, IDLPs and DSOs have been alerted of this exercise several weeks

When you hear the fire alarm and the subsequent broadcast from the public
address system, you should follow the instructions and leave for the
assembly areas.  Be familiar with the designated fire escape routes for your
area, or otherwise follow the exit signs and instructions by emergency
personnel.  Faculty members conducting classes at the time of the drill
should lead their students to the nearest assembly points (A map showing
the various assembly areas is appended for your reference).

This is a good opportunity to review Chapter 3 (Emergency Procedures)
( of the HKUST Safety & Environmental
Protection Manual, or the pamphlet titled "HKUST Emergency Procedures"

We foresee that some of the staircases may be quite crowded during
evacuation.  Please walk with a steady and orderly pace to avoid
accident. DO NOT USE LIFTS.   When you are at the assembly points,
please be patient and wait until permission is given by the Security
Commander before re-entering the building.  If you are driving on campus,
there will be special traffic control throughout the campus, especially at
the entrances.  Please follow instructions given by the security guards. It
is envisaged that the drill will take about 30 minutes to complete.

The fire alarm activation may affect the ventilation system in the building,
and hence the efficiency of fume cupboards.  For lab users, please plan your
lab work accordingly.  Subsequent to the fire drill, check the proper
functioning of fume cupboards before re-starting any work inside.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.  We trust that we will all
appreciate the importance of such periodic drills for the purpose of
maintaining our fire safety awareness and emergency preparedness.

Joe Kwan
Director of Health, Safety and Environment