Dear colleagues and students,

Our city is breaking the temperature record of the hottest May since 1963! All members of our campus community, especially those of us who work in hot environments, shall be aware of the hazards associated with the hot and humid weather conditions in the summer months ahead. 

Prolonged exposure to hot and humid weather may cause failure of our body in regulating internal temperature, and lead to heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. Symptoms such as thirst, fatigue, nausea and headache may appear. Without proper first aid measures, the victim may develop more severe symptoms like shortness of breath, rapid and weak pulse, dizziness, confusion or even loss of consciousness, convulsion and even death. 

Those working for long hours in hot, humid and still-air conditions are advised to (1) drink more water (with electrolytes), (2) arrange regular rests in shaded and cooler area, (3) improve air movement, (4) be familiarize with the symptoms and (5) be alert of own body condition. For more information, please visit the websites:


You are welcomed to contact our office for heat stress assessment or if additional information is needed.

Health, Safety and Environment Office