Lessons Learned
Hazardous Materials

Rare infection may have caused death of Chicago scientist (News from University of Chicago - 19 Sept 2009)

  Carbon monoxide was mistakenly connected to the wrong pipeline causing the death of a researcher (Extracted from Hang Zhou Daily News - Chinese version only)

Lessons Learnt from a Tragic Chemistry Laboratory Accident in UCLA
[Update: On 27 Dec 2011 University of California and UCLA professor were charged for the accident]

  Columbia University Expelled Chinese Graduate Student over Radioactive Pillow
  Five Sick From Radiation Exposure
  University Pleaded Guilty to Criminal Charges of Safety Violation
  University professor charged for improper disposal of chemical substance

Diethyl Ether Explosion Injures Researchers of National Quemoy University in Taiwan

Laser Safety
  Laser Accidents – They Do Happen!
Fire Safety
  A Suicidal Act for Getting Warmth
  Beware of that Drum
  A Worker Was Killed In The Cause Of "Perfect Floor"
Confined Spaces
  A Worker Was Killed In The Cause Of "Perfect Floor"