Dear Colleagues and Students,

Some of us might be contemplating travel to Okinawa, Japan or Taiwan,
and might be concerned about the current measles outbreaks there.  As
mentioned by Hong Kong's Center for Health Protection, measles
vaccination has a 50-year history in HK.  Over 90% of the HK population
have been vaccinated against this virus, the risk of coming down with
the disease is low.   Since the 1990's the Measles, Mumps and Rubella
(MMR) vaccination was given in two doses, first at age 1 and the second
at 6.  Except for children under 1 year old, pregnant women and
unimmunized women planning on getting pregnant, there is no travel
advisory against visiting places with measles outbreak.

For further information, please access the following CHP website:

If you are not sure of your vaccination history, you might wish to test
to see if you have immunity or take the vaccine.  The HKUST Medical
Clinic does provide these services on a fee basis. Please call 2358-6670
for details.

Health, Safety and Environment Office