Dear colleagues,

Ride sharing program is one of HKUST green activities started in 2012.

If you are a car owner, you can register as a car pooling driver and join this meaningful activity any time! The following is the guideline for registration as a car pooling driver:

A.        Forming and Registering Ride Sharing Groups

It might be easier for drivers to first offer rides within his/her office and then expand it to other colleagues in the University. Detailed arrangements including time and pick-up location have to be worked out by members of each group.

For incentive awards, all registered drivers are encouraged to fill in the "HKUST Ride Sharing Driver Registration Form" and fax or email to HSEO.
The Registration Form can be downloaded at:

B.        Ride Sharing Award Scheme

1.        Register the Ride Sharing Group as explained above.

2.        Download and fill in the HKUST Ride Sharing Record. Download
form at:

3.        When you travel one way to or from campus with at least one
passenger other than yourself, it counts as one ride. A lunch round trip with at least one passenger also counts as one ride.

4.        Accumulate 40 rides and submit a copy of the Record Form to HSEO
by fax or email any time to receive a Stage 1 Award (Certificate of Appreciation).

5.        Continue to accumulate to 80 rides and submit the Record Form to
receive a unique Stage 2 Award (a unique UST car crest).

C.        Important Reminder

1.        Ride Sharing is completely voluntary.

2.        Drivers must ensure they comply with all relevant government
          regulations when operating their vehicles.

3.        Be punctual and drive carefully!

Please feel free to contact Jimmy at email if you have any questions about this scheme, and we look forward to your active participation!


Health, Safety and Environment Office