Our life is hard enough without having to worry about where to eat and whether the food is "eatable." As a vegan or vegetarian it's more difficult to find food options that fit your lifestyle choices. Campus Services Office works to make these options readily available. Check out below for vegetarian food choices in campus catering outlets. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the restaurant managers or send an email to us.

A highlight of this fall season is the Power Lunch @UniQue.
Power Lunch @UniQue
The UniQue in Conference Lodge is now offering a variety of vegan and vegetarian soups, entreés, salads, burger and much more for your dining pleasure. Enjoy your Power Lunch with more options and better value for money at UniQue. Feel free to choose from the healthy all-you-can-eat salad bar at only HK$98 net per head, or add HK$20 or more to come with a main course of your choice. Available Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:30 at UniQue in Conference Lodge. University members will have 20% discount.


Dishes Price (HK$)
Fresh Garden Greens Salad 68
Greenhouse Tomato Salad 78
Avocado and Orange Salad 68
Potato and Leek Soup 48
Organic Pumpkin Soup with Cheese, Beancurd, Quinoa and Yam 68
Organic Sweet Corn Soup with 62 Degree Egg 68
Burgers & Pizzas:
Veggie Burger 108
Trio Veggie Pizza 108
Western Specialties:
Au-Gratin Eggplant 98
Veggie Primavera Gluten-free Penne with Aglio Olio 96
Baked Portobello with Rice 88
Eastern Specialties:
Crispy Veggie Noodles 108
Vegetarian Mixed Grain Rice Dumpling Wrapped in Corn Husks 78
Spicy Pasta:
Spicy Veggie Pasta 68
Noodle Bar:
Kimchi & Vegetables Udon in Soup 58
Sweet Delights:
Fresh Fruit Cube 68
Set Lunch:
at least one vegetarian choice from Soup & Main Course

G/F Chinese Restaurant

Dishes Price (HK$)
Deep-fried Bean Curd 豆腐黃金磚 32
Braised Bean Curd Puff and Veg. in Wooden Pot 木桶一品生根炆粗齋 58
Poached Assorted Veg. in Pot 陽光十二菜鍋 58
Braised Bean Curd Dices with Mushroom 鮑魚菇紅燒山水豆腐 58
Steamed Bean Curd with Assorted Veg. 翡翠田園蒸蛋白豆腐 58
Fried Brown Rice with Egg White and Veg. 蛋白田園炒紅米飯 48
Fried Noodles with Assorted Veg. Lo Han style 羅漢齋炒麵 48
Dried Yam and Veg. in Soup 鮮淮山濃湯泡田園時蔬 58

LG1 Restaurant

Dishes Price (HK$)
Fried Noodles with Soya Sauce 豉油皇炒麵 7
Steamed Veg. Bun 素菜包 10.5
Pan-fried Rice Roll 煎腸粉 8
Daily Veggie Specials: 
Rice Dishes with Assorted Veg. Curry 咖哩雜菜飯 26.5
Braised Bean Curd w/ Mushroom & Preserved Mustard Root 雙冬豆腐 22
Salad Bar (Mixed Salad): 28(S)/32(L) 
Thai Salad 泰式沙律   
Mixed Bean Salad 三色豆沙律   
Grilled New Potatoes Salad 薯仔沙律   
Grilled Mushroom Garden Salad 蘑菇田園沙律   
Fresh Fruit Cup 鮮果杯  18 
Rice Dishes with two Food Toppings 兩餸飯:  
at least two veg. choices daily 每日供應最少兩款素食選擇 21.5

LG7 Kitchen 1 Asia Pacific

Dishes Price (HK$)
Daily Healthy Special: 每日供應一款健康之選  28 

LG7 Kitchen 2 Gold Rice Bowl

Dishes Price (HK$)
Veggie Specials: 
Fried Broccoli, Eggplant & Cashew Nut w/ Rice 蠔油炒西蘭花茄子腰果飯 27
Stir-fried Instant Noodle with Mixed Veg. and Mushroom 雜菜炒一丁麵 28

Fried Rice with Mixed Veggie 雜菜炒飯 28
Stewed Vermicelli w/ Eggplant & Enoki, Soya Sauce 金菇茄子炒米粉 28
Eat Smart Menu:  
Mixed Veg. & Bean Curd with Rice in Soup 雜菜豆腐湯飯 22
Rice with Scramble Egg & Tomato 蕃茄炒蛋 27

Rice Dishes with Two Food Toppings 兩餸飯:
at least two veg. choices daily 每日供應最少兩款素食選擇 23

LG7 Kitchen 3 Milano Fresh

Dishes Price (HK$)
Green Veggie Spaghetti 雜菜意粉 29
Pineapple and Corn Pizza with Thousand Island Sauce 菠蘿粟米薄餅 24(S)/44(M)/66(L)
Cheese Pizza 芝士薄餅 25(S)/46(M)/68(L)
Green Veggie Pizza 素菜薄餅 24(S)/44(M)/66(L)
Salad Bar 自選沙律吧:
A variety of veggie choices 多款新鮮蔬菜選擇 34.5

Coffee Shop

Dishes Price (HK$)
Sandwiches/Panini 三文治類:
Egg Mayonnaise 蛋沙律 16
Hard Boiled Egg 恰蛋 16
Cheddar Cheese 車打芝士 19
Avocado 牛油果 20
Cottage Cheese 茅屋芝士 20
Mushroom & Cheese 蘑菇芝士 23
Vegetarian Ham 素火腿 23
Toasties 飛碟:
Tomato & Cheese 蕃茄芝士 15
Banana & Cinnamon 桂花香蕉 15
Mushroom & Cheese 蘑菇芝士 17
Mushroom, Avocado & Tomato 蘑菇牛油果蕃茄 22
Snacks 小吃:
French Fries 炸薯條 8
Bagel with Cream Cheese 芝士麵包圈 13
Curry 咖哩:
one veg. choice for lunch & dinner daily 每日供應一款素食咖哩午餐及晚餐 32
Salads 沙律 (after 9:00 am):
Garden Salad 田園沙律 14
Mixed Bean Salad 雜豆沙律 14
Potato Salad 薯仔沙律 10(S)/14(L)
Coleslaw 菜絲沙律 10
Fresh Fruit Salad 鮮果盒 16
Seaweed Salad 中華沙律 16
LUNCH (every Tue & Thu):
one choice of veg. pasta 27
AFTERNOON TEA (from 2:30 – 5 :30 pm):
Tea Sets 套餐:
French Toast with Butter and Syrup 法式西多 16
Banana Toasties 香蕉飛碟 16
HotCake with Banana and Chocolate Sauce 香蕉熱香餅 16

UC Bistro

Dishes Price (HK$)
Bistro House Salad 68
Classic Caesar Salad 79
Pomelo Salad 72
Baby Spinach Salad 65
Wild Mushroom Soup 38
Mixed Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich 75
Mixed Mushroom Pizza 70
Italian Magherita Pizza 68
Nacho 58
Deep Fried Cheese Stick 48
Onion Rings Fritters 36
French Fries 32
Pasta & Risotto:
Wide Mushroom Risotto 83
Asparagus & Mixed Pepper Penne 78
Spaghetti Carbonara with Mixed Mushroom 73
one veg. choice a day 72

LSK Restaurant

Dishes Price (HK$)
Rice Dishes with Two Food Toppings 兩餸飯:
at least two veg. choices daily 每日供應最少兩款素食選擇 24.5
Veg. Special (Western) 西式素食套餐:
one choice a day 每日供應一款素食選擇 32

LSK Halal Food Counter

Dishes Price (HK$)
Falafel Kebab 雜菜硫豆卡巴 32
Veg. Biryani 咖哩雜菜炒飯 29
Veg. curry with Rice 咖哩雜菜飯 28
Garden Salad 田園沙律 20
Margherita Pizza 芝士薄餅 25(S)/55(L)
Veg. Pizza 雜菜薄餅 32(S)/60(L)
Samosa 咖哩角 14
Hummus & Pita Bread 豆泥皮塔麵包 20
Spring Rolls 素春卷 15
Falafel 雜菜硫豆 15
Chips 炸薯條 24

Seafront Cafeteria

Cart Noodles 車仔麵:
a variety of veg. choices多款素食選擇


Salad; Bakery items; Sandwiches/Wraps; Fresh Fruit Salad 每日供應多款素食選擇: 沙律; 包點; 鮮果杯


Dishes Price (HK$)
Veggie Patty 25(6")/48(12")
Veggie Delite 21(6")/32(12")

#Some of the above items may contain egg, honey and dairy products. For details of food ingredients used, please contact the restaurant managers.