Use of Communal Areas

Communal Areas of the University are used by both staff and students for holding various activities, e.g. putting up banners and setting up promotional counters etc. FMO is responsible for managing these spaces in order to prevent double booking and assessing the suitability of the space for the proposed activities. Communal Areas means all the open areas which is not under the management of the university faculties or administrative departments. It mainly includes:

  • Atrium (Divided into Areas A, B and C for promotional counters & small scale exhibition)
  • Academic Concourse (Divided into Areas outside LT A, B, C, D & E for promotional counters, large scale exhibition, mega sale & tea reception)
  • Amphitheatre (for performance, gathering)
  • Amphitheatre near UG Hall VI (for performance, gathering)

For students

Booking is on a weekly basis starting from Sunday to Saturday.
It can be made maximum 8 weeks in advance.
Applicants who want to have priorities in booking communal areas should submit their applications before 12 noon on the first working day of each week.
All applications will be handled on an equal basis and lucky draw will be used to decide the user if there are any competing applications.
A notice on the results will be posted up in FMO after 3 p.m. on that day.

For university departments

Bookings for departmental functions should be submitted more than 8 weeks in advance so that necessary arrangement can be made before the students' bookings.

Rules & Regulations :

Applicants (Students) should inform FMO of any changes at least 5 calendar days before the booked date.
Justification is required for any cancellation of bookings.
Those who misuse the communal areas will be punished by suspending their right to book any communal areas for eight weeks.

Sound Level Restrictions in Atrium :-

During the period from 12:45 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., sound level must be held an average of 79 dB and a maximum peak level of 85 dB.
During other periods of the day, sound level average must be held to 70 dB and a maximum peak level of 76 dB.
Performances (with amplifiers or bands, etc.) must be limited to the hours of 12:45 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. unless exceptions are granted by FMO for special occasions.

For enquires, please call 2358 6443 during office hours.